Sunday, March 24, 2019

Social Media & The Internet

HWBIDCo likes social media and understands how important its use is for engaging with the public, industry and local businesses.

Whilst it is not for everyone, there is usually one platform that lends itself to the needs of businesses or individuals.  HWBIDCo has a Facebook page that allows us to engage with the local community and some businesses.  We also have a Twitter feed that is more business-friendly. 

Certain projects lend themselves to audio or visual media and so we also use both You Tube and Soundcloud.  You can see a number of our videos on this site.

We would suggest that in order to hear the latest about our activities or to pick up news and opportunities you like or follow us on  @HWBIDCo for Twitter and HWBIDCo on Facebook.  We regularly post opportunities about grant funding or events that may be relevant to specific business sectors.

We also have a social media and internet presence for our two key events, Frogfest and Wycombe Harvest as follows:
Frogfest (Facebook “HWFrogfest” and Twitter @HWFrogfest)

If you are wary of social media, as a business, and are looking for a gentle introduction to the benefits and potential pitfalls then please get in contact because we may be able to find you a place on our short bite-size courses.

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