Sunday, March 24, 2019

Challenging Perceptions Of High Wycombe

HWBIDCo has a part of its economic vision for the town that states “a town centre that is dynamic, competitive, responsive, stimulating and unapologetic…”  We are committed to challenging perceptions of High Wycombe and ensuring that the town offers positive messages, wherever possible.  Key questions that we pose include:

  • What lasting memory of the town do people take away with them?
  • Will people make a return visit based on their experiences?
  • How many people choose to come to High Wycombe for work, study, socialising or to live?
  • How are the more peripheral areas treated compared to the centre?
  • What can we do that will raise the profile of the town?

At present, this area of work comprises the following:

  • Developing and nurturing street identities;
  • Effective communication campaigns and consultations;
  • Effective use of on-line tools and social media platforms;
  • Development of intelligent performance indicators.


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